Program Overview

Currently, SIFT Institute offers the Trading Analysis Program, “TAP”.


The Trading Analysis Program (aka “TAP”) empowers students to create consistent profits for themselves and their families. Students will be provided with tools, knowledge and access to coaches who will help them apply the investing and trading principles taught by our experienced professors. This program is not designed for those looking for a way to get rich quick. It is however, for those who can control their emotions as they make decisions while trading and investing alongside our profitable

Candidate Profile

The ideal candidate is what we call an “entrepreneurial veteran”. As a service member, vets understand what it means to face and overcome adversity, make decisions with incomplete information, how to remain disciplined despite emotional challenges, and most importantly, how to get the mission done. “Entrepreneurial veterans” want more than a 9-5 job where someone else dictates their every move, their pay, how their family will live, when they can take a break or vacation, or simply put – how to manage their lives. However, they are not necessarily interested in selling products, creating products, finding clients, or working hard for 5 years just to get close to the level of financial security they had back when they were on active duty. That’s why investing and trading is the new form of entrepreneurship and TAP is the vehicle to help these special individuals get there. With trading and investing, you can potentially:

  • Trade and invest part time while you work a full time job all without jeopardizing your family life
  • Work less than 3 hours per day, but potentially earn a full time income
  • For current vet business owners: Allow the profits to work for you now that you’ve created them without adding additional products and employees!

How do you know if the program is for you?

  • You want a way to make your money work for you rather than you working for your money
  • You have great discipline, but you know nothing about the financial markets and want to learn
  • You want to own your own business, but you don’t like selling
  • You like to work from home, but not necessarily work alone
  • You want to give your children something other than debt!
  • You are willing to learn and work hard for something you believe in

Graduates will:

  • Be able to understand how the financial markets work
  • Be on their way to consistent profitable trading by applying the tools, principles, and concepts learned
  • Be able to launch a trading business and pass it down to future generations and create “Generational Wealth”