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Are you ready to leap into Entrepreneurship?

The Ideas to Profits Entrepreneurship program trains and empowers its students to take ownership of their unique skills and identify how they can profitably use them for their own ideas.


The Idea to Profits Entrepreneurship Program empowers its students to take ownership of their unique skills and identify how they can be used in their careers.

It has been said,

“When you work for someone else, you’re selling your time and skills at wholesale values to an employer who, then re-sells it at retail values…and keeps the profits.”

If you’re ready to keep the profits from your own time, skills, and efforts, click the button and apply now. 

This program is NOT designed for those looking for a way to get rich quick…

It is, however, for those who can control their emotions as they make effective decisions in business.

what's INCLUDED?

So are you the perfect candidate?

The ideal candidate is someone we call an “entrepreneurially curious person”. This person is typically wondering why things are the way they are, want to improve things around them, are frustrated with “doing things because it’s the way it’s always been done” when there is a better option available, can make decisions with incomplete information, know how to remain disciplined despite emotional challenges, and most importantly, how to get the job done. “Entrepreneurially curious persons” want more than a 9-5 job where someone else dictates their every move, their pay, how their family will live when they can take a break or vacation, or simply put – how to manage their lives. The beauty for getting paid for the value of your skills bring or the value of your ideas versus having a 9-5, is that you can potentially:

  • Control your earnings
  • You have more control over your time
  • You are able to give your kids more than a life insurance policy. You give them the notion that their value is not tied to what their work manager dictates.

This program is right for you if...

  • You want a way to make your money based on the value you bring not your manager’s opinion.
  • You have great discipline, but you know nothing about entrepreneurship and want to learn.
  • You want to own your own business, but you don’t like selling.
  • You like to work from home, but not necessarily work alone.
  • You want to give your children something other than debt!
  • You are willing to learn and work hard for something you believe in.

Graduates will:

  • Have a fully operational business ready to serve their community and profit at the same time
  • Be able to scale their business in due season
  • Be able to launch a business and pass it down to future generations and create “Generational Wealth”