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Tuition and Fees

SIFT doesn’t believe you should mortgage your future to create a new one for you and your family.

If tuition is a challenge for you at the moment, we offer “zero interest” monthly payments.

With our budget-friendly pay as you go approach, you can break your tuition into interest-free monthly payments. We never charge finance fees – ever. For more information on your payment options, please call (678) 841-SIFT.

Still can’t cover tuition? Apply for one of our veteran’s scholarships.

To further help our veterans, SIFT sets aside 1 scholarship per class to a deserving veteran student who simply cannot afford the class. For more information on your payment options, please call (678) 841-SIFT or request an application by emailing

Tuition & Fees

Program TitleExpected Completion TimeCredits/HoursTuition
Idea to Profits Entrepreneurship Program2 months13 Credit Hours$7,997
I2P Mastery Program1 monthNon-CreditIncluded


Canceled Classes

If tuition and fees are collected in advance of the start date of a class and the institution cancels the class, 100 percent of all fees paid will be refunded.

Refunds Because of Withdrawal

Refunds of fees will be made only upon written application for withdrawal from school. Students who do not formally withdraw are not eligible for a refund of any portion of fees paid. The student requesting a refund should complete a withdrawal form and refunds will be automatically mailed to eligible students.


SIFT Institute will calculate a student’s refund based upon the last day of attendance using the following criteria:

  • refunds are made in full to the student within thirty (30) days of the date of withdrawal;
  • the applicant requesting cancellation more than three (3) business days after signing the contract or the student completing no more than five (5) percent of instructional time is refunded no less than ninety-five (95) percent of tuition;
  • the student completing more than five (5) percent but no more than ten (10) percent of instructional time is refunded no less than ninety (90) percent of tuition;
  • the student completing more than ten (10) percent but no more than twenty-five (25) percent of instructional time is refunded no less than seventy-five (75) percent of tuition:
  • the student completing more than twenty-five (25) percent but no more than fifty (50) percent of instructional time is refunded no less than fifty (50) percent of tuition;
  • the student completing more than fifty (50) percent of instructional time is informed that the institution is not required to issue a refund.

Veterans will be refunded on a pro rata basis


LevelCourse Name
100I2P Orientation
ENP 200Discovery – Self, needs, and business environment 
ENP 201Setting expectations
ENP 202Formation – Building the foundation
ENP 203Pre-Marketing workout
ENP 204Becoming an expert
ENP 205Assessment time – Does it work?
ENP 206Mental tips pt 1 – The right philosophy
ENP 207Certifications – Are they needed? How to get them
ENP 208Mental tips pt 2 – Grace over grind
ENP 209Mental tips pt 3 – The legacy making process
ENP 210The legality of it all
ENP 211The extra stuff – selling effectively & establishing presence
ENP 212Keys to Success – You must have P.R.I.D.E.
ENP 213re you on the right R.O.A.D.?
ENP 214Formula for wealth creation: Entrepreneurship
ENP 215Congrats, you’re a business owner! Now What
 Graduation and next steps

Certificate Programs

Completion of Gradable AssignmentsTuition Refund Amount
Up to 10%90%
>10% – 25%75%
>25% – 50%50%
>50% – 100%No Refund Due


Students who are delinquent in payment of any financial obligation will not be allowed to register until delinquent fees are paid. In addition, students who are delinquent in their financial obligations will not be issued grade transcripts, or student records until all financial obligations are resolved.

Drop/Add Period

Students may amend their schedules during the drop/add period each quarter. All forms related to registration and change of registration must be initiated by the student, approved by the program advisor and processed by the registrars office before the end of the drop/add period. Students who add or remove classes from their schedule during the drop/add period will do so without academic penalty.

Withdrawal Procedures

Students who withdraw from school must complete withdrawal forms. Students who fail to withdraw officially from the school may be regarded as having been dropped from the program for lack of attendance. The effective date of withdrawal is the date the student notifies the college of withdrawal or the date specified by the student whichever is later.