Sift Institute – School for Entrepreneurs

What Our Students Say

At SIFT Institute, we pride ourselves on providing the knowledge, tools, and wisdom to help our students successfully fulfill their careers aspirations. SIFT was founded on the idea that Corporate America, while a stable route to financial security, is still just one route. Rather than having students learn entrepreneurship via trial and error, why not create an institute that exponentially shortens the learning curve. So, that’s what we have done. Don’t take our word on our results, here’s a short list of some of the things our students are saying about us:
“SIFT provided a clear vision for the direction we are headed”
Dalen Spratt
Owner of Loren Spratt Clothing
“SIFT gave me, on the low end, a $522k strategy for free. I’m implementing all the advice they give from now on without even thinking about it”
Ian Dunlap
Owner of The Genius Marketing Firm
“SIFT’s strategy instantly showed us how to streamline our processes”
Nate Johnson
Owner of Rising Falcon
(Martial Arts & Fitness Firm)