This is SIFT Institute, an epic and wonderful premium
Institute for students serious about serving the world profitably through entrepreneurship.

Why Choose SIFT

School of Innovation, Finance, and Technology

There are many options for your education. Some of them are pretty good, but what makes SIFT the absolute best choice?

A history of success

Sift Institute has provided educational programs since 2015. This is not only a business but a calling. But that’s not enough, right? You can get that in other places. What makes SIFT special is that it was designed with you in mind. You already know English 101, Math 102, etc. You want to jump right to the craft. A theory is great, but without a practitioner there to separate the substance from the fluff, you will only spend needless time trying to figure out critical things on your own.

Learn from the best

This is the secret sauce of all our programs. Every instructor has been trained in the traditional educational system, tested it in Corporate America, but also have committed over 10 years each to learning, practicing, and implementing their crafts on their own dime. This is what separates SIFT from the rest. You will get to walk beside our instructors and truly learn what works, what doesn’t and why.

Innovative Programs

Our programs weren’t created in a vacuum with theorists, nor were they created by a bunch of people with Ph.D.’s with no practical experience. SIFT's programs are built on a combination of what is broken in the industry and what parts are missing that is preventing students from achieving their dreams. They were built not to make you fill good that you have a fancy title, but so that you can immediately put the knowledge to work in corporate and your own enterprise.

What our students say

Let’s hear from them directly. Find out what they said here.

Tuition and fees

Student loans and student debt are all we hear about. Traditional education costs are so much that it sometimes feels as if it is not worth it. SIFT is committed to not creating debt in order for our students to obtain a quality education. We have non-interest payment plans for students who need a little assistance to in order to get started on their dreams. Find out more about our programs, tuition, and fees.


SIFT Institute is a premier, Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission-certified educational institution that provides customized training, continuing education, and ongoing support services to youth and adults.